All Dancers participate in all three shows. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Shows are the same.

#Show NumberClass(es)Length of number
1Cry of the CeltsTap F (Wed 5:30) Paloma School of Irish Dance7:47.13
2Dance with SomebodyJAZZ B (Wed 5:30)2:53.47
3Welcome to the Space JamHIP HOP A (Thurs 4:30)2:17.33
4I Think I’m Gonna Like it HereBROADWAY TAP A (Thurs 4:30)2:39.16
5Music InfernoAdult CLOGGING Inter/Adv4:23.18
6Are You ReadyHIP HOP D (Thurs 8:30)3:06.55
7Revolting ChildrenMUSICAL THEATER A (Mon 7:30)2:32.01
8Blue Suede ShoesTeen CLOGGING (Tues 4:30)2:49.07
9MorningBALLET A (Mon 4:30)2:34.48
10MedellinAdult TAP Adv (Thurs 8:30)3:01.22
11AnchorLYRICAL A (Tues 6:30)2:30.05
12SnippetsMODERN (Wed 6:30)3:16.04
13Can’t Hurry LoveJAZZ A (Wed 4:30)2:21.00
14Freeze FrameTAP A Tues 4:30)2:23.03
15Wipe OutBALLET E (Mon 5:30)2:34.11
16Cold Hearted SnakeAdult Tap Inter 2 (Thurs 6:30)2:28.20
17Another One Bites the DustJAZZ F (Tues 5:30)2:39.00
18Swan LakeBALLET D (Mon 4:30)2:25.49
19My Own Little CornerBALLET B (Mon 6:30)2:39.00
20BarricadeHIP HOP C (Thurs 7:30)2:27.22
21POSEAdult POP VIDEO (Thurs 7:30)5:35.09
22Seventy Six TrombonesAdult TAPS 3:25.55
23Back to the 90’sHigh School Seniors2:46.32
24This Will BeJAZZ C (Wed 4:30)2:47.00
25JoyTAP D (Thurs 6:30)3:06.03
27Nicest Kids in TownBROADWAY TAP B (Thurs 5:30)2:28.00
28Strange TidesBALLET C (Mon 5:30)2:37.04
29Midnight WaltzPOINTE B (Wed 8:30)3:48.48
30Surfs UpMUSICAL THEATER B (Mon 8:30)3:03.00
31You Make My Dreams Come TrueTAP B (Tues 5:30)2:26.00
32Mama MiaAdult BROADWAY TAP (Tues 7:30)2:55.05
33Tales from HungaryPOINTE A (Wed 7:30)2:53.50
Video Added(filler for quickchange)2:30.00?
34ExperienceBALLET F (Mon 6:30)2:38.32
35Let’s Go CrazyTAP C (Tues 6:30)2:46.32
366/10LYRICAL B (Tues 7:30)2:41.37
37Where Have You BeenAdult POP VIDEO and DANCE MIX4:04.16
38Another Day of SunJAZZ E (Tues 8:30) 2:53.50
39Old SkoolHIP HOP B (Thurs 5:30)1:59.22
40Tukoh TakaTAP E (Tues 7:30)2:56.15
41Bohemian RhapsodyTAP F (Wed 5:30)2:51.03
42Black and GoldAdult JAZZ (Wed 7:30)2:37.29
43AmericanoJAZZ D (Tues 4:30)2:41.57
44AltruisticCONTEMPORARY (Mon 8:30)3:10.35
Show Total Length Estimate
Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows are the same.