Just a few notes on our fundraisers:

1) Fundraising is not required at E-dance!  Just here to help you with costs of costumes which will come up in November, and show fee which is in early spring!

2) No delivery of items!!!! When your supporter purchases under your account, Items are sent right to their door as soon as the orders are placed.

3) Simply click on the link above.  It will direct you to create your dancers account.  The instructions tell you to put in the STUDENTS NAME, then simply provide your email and phone number.  Once account is created you will have the option to write a customized message that will be seen when you send your link out.  From there it lists your student/dancers personal link and QR code.  This is what you share!!!  Copy, and paste to email, social media, text, any and all of the above.  Supporters who want to help in your fundraising efforts just click or scan, add to their cart what they would like, and it comes directly to their door.

4) This will be open for 30 days.  Our fundraiser will close 11/9/23.  

5) Your credits.  For the smaller kits you will receive a $6 credit and for the larger one $15.