Please watch the video below about how to do your hair for the show and Casual Picture Days (dancers age 6-18 only). It is very important that we all look sharp and unified in our hair styles. Please refer to the table below for which hair style you need for which show number. All hair is either one of two hair styles (a ballet bun or a pony tail).


All Hair requirements listed below are for dancers age 6-18. Adults should discuss hair styles with their instructors.

#Show NumberClass(es)Hair Stye
1Cry of the CeltsTap F (Wed 5:30) Paloma School of Irish DancePony Tail
2Dance with SomebodyJAZZ B (Wed 5:30)Pony Tail
3Welcome to the Space JamHIP HOP A (Thurs 4:30)Pony Tail
4I Think I’m Gonna Like it HereBROADWAY TAP A (Thurs 4:30)Pony Tail
5Music InfernoAdult CLOGGING Inter/AdvSee Danny
6Are You ReadyHIP HOP D (Thurs 8:30)Pony Tail
7Revolting ChildrenMUSICAL THEATER A (Mon 7:30)Pony Tail
8Blue Suede ShoesTeen CLOGGING (Tues 4:30)Pony Tail
9MorningBALLET A (Mon 4:30)Mid Bun with Braid as shown above
10MedellinAdult TAP Adv (Thurs 8:30)Pony Tail
11AnchorLYRICAL A (Tues 6:30)Pony Tail
12SnippetsMODERN (Wed 6:30)Pony Tail
13Can’t Hurry LoveJAZZ A (Wed 4:30)Pony Tail
14Freeze FrameTAP A Tues 4:30)Pony Tail
15Wipe OutBALLET E (Mon 5:30)Mid Bun with Braid as shown above
16Cold Hearted SnakeAdult Tap Inter 2 (Thurs 6:30)See Danny
17Another One Bites the DustJAZZ F (Tues 5:30)Pony Tail
18Swan LakeBALLET D (Mon 4:30)Mid Bun with Braid as shown above
19My Own Little CornerBALLET B (Mon 6:30)Mid Bun with Braid as shown above
20BarricadeHIP HOP C (Thurs 7:30)Pony Tail
21POSEAdult POP VIDEO (Thurs 7:30)See Danny
22Seventy Six TrombonesAdult TAPS See Danny
23Back to the 90’sHigh School SeniorsPony Tail
24This Will BeJAZZ C (Wed 4:30)Pony Tail
25JoyTAP D (Thurs 6:30)Pony Tail
27Nicest Kids in TownBROADWAY TAP B (Thurs 5:30)Pony Tail
28Strange TidesBALLET C (Mon 5:30)Mid Bun with Braid as shown above
29Midnight WaltzPOINTE B (Wed 8:30)Mid Bun with Braid as shown above
30Surfs UpMUSICAL THEATER B (Mon 8:30)Pony Tail
31You Make My Dreams Come TrueTAP B (Tues 5:30)Pony Tail
32Mama MiaAdult BROADWAY TAP (Tues 7:30)Pony Tail
33Tales from HungaryPOINTE A (Wed 7:30)Mid Bun with Braid as shown above
34ExperienceBALLET F (Mon 6:30)Mid Bun with Braid as shown above
35Let’s Go CrazyTAP C (Tues 6:30)Pony Tail
366/10LYRICAL B (Tues 7:30)Pony Tail
37Where Have You BeenAdult POP VIDEO and DANCE MIXSee Danny
38Another Day of SunJAZZ E (Tues 8:30) Pony Tail
39Old SkoolHIP HOP B (Thurs 5:30)Pony Tail
40Tukoh TakaTAP E (Tues 7:30)Pony Tail
41Bohemian RhapsodyTAP F (Wed 5:30)Pony Tail
42Black and GoldAdult JAZZ (Wed 7:30)See Jodi
43AmericanoJAZZ D (Tues 4:30)Pony Tail
44AltruisticCONTEMPORARY (Mon 8:30)Pony Tail
Saturday and Sunday shows are the same.


All dancers have the same make-up. Reminder: no glitter, no colored eye shadow, please read all notes on this page.