“24K” Adult Classes are for age 40+.

Below is the schedule of Classes you can enroll in:
Please email us at info@e-dancecenter.com to sign up or if you have any questions.

24K SUMMER TAP CLASSES (July 5 – August 1, 2022)

WednesdaysStudio 110:30-11:30AM24K Adult Adv TAPDanny Aldous
WednesdaysStudio 17:30-8:30PM24K Adult Beg 2 TAPDanny Aldous

24K FALL/SPRING TAP CLASSES (September 6 – June 11, 2023)

MondaysStudio 110:30-11:30AM24K Adult Beg 2 TAPDanny Aldous
WednesdaysStudio 19:30-10:30AM24K Adult Inter TAPDanny Aldous
WednesdaysStudio 110:30-11:30AM24K Adult Adv TAPDanny Aldous
WednesdaysStudio 26:30-7:30PM24K Adult All Levels DANCE MIX (Pop, Jazz, Modern, Broadway, Folk)Danny Aldous
ThursdaysStudio 110:30-11:30AM24K Adult Beg 1 TAPDanny Aldous

Which 24K TAP class level is for me?

  • 24K Adult Beg 1 TAP – I have never tap danced before
  • 24K Adult Beg 2 TAP – I have a basic knowledge of tap steps and pick up new things at a good pace.
  • 24K Adult Inter TAP – I have a good amount of tap experience but I wouldn’t say I’m advanced.
  • 24K Adult Adv TAP – I have been tap dancing many years and want to be challenged.

What is “24K Adult DANCE MIX” class?

Many of us just want to dance. It doesn’t always have to be the same style every week, it is fun to mix it up each week. This new class taught by Danny Aldous will be for those that just want to move, dance, be with people, have your time, get some exercise and have fun learning new steps from dance styles like POP VIDEO, JAZZ, MODERN, BROADWAY, COUNTRY LINE, FOLK and BALLROOM. This will be a lower intensity class for dancers age 19+. I’m sure it will be a ton of fun!