SHOES: Your shoes MUST be the one listed in image by your show number. All shoes in each number MUST be the same. If you have any questions about shoes and where to get them feel free to email us at [email protected]. Please clean up your shoes so that they look as new as possible.

TIGHTS: All tights MUST be from same brand THEATRICALS, and the color “Caramel”, “Ballet Pink”, “Black” or “White” depending on which dance you are in. For darker skin tones THEATRICALS darker tight colors (that are non-shimmer) can be used to match your skin tone. No tights with dirt, holes or rips.

Shoes purchased online or at
Dancers Pointe
201 West Main Street
Hummelstown, PA 17036

*We suggest checking “Dancers Pointe” hours before going there.



There are different tights options that may be suggested by your teacher, but most all tights should be your basic footed tights.

THEATRICALS CAPRI (Color: Caramel or Ballet Pink)

Capri styles finish mid-calf. They are usually worn by jazz dancers or those who like to dance barefoot but with some coverage at the top of the leg.

THEATRICALS CONVERTIBLE (Color: Caramel or Ballet Pink)

Convertible tights can be worn like a standard tight or rolled up to become footless, for those doing multiple classes one after the other, or ballet dancers who need to access their toes to add padding before pointe work.

THEATRICALS FOOTED (Color: Caramel or Ballet Pink)

Everyone’s go-to dance tights, Footed styles must be worn with shoes, whether that’s Ballet shoes, Tap shoes or Jazz shoes. These are also the most comfortable for children with sensitive toes.


Usually used for Broadway, Ballroom, Musical Theatre or Tap dancing, Fishnets are woven in a crisscross pattern and give a glamorous look when worn with heels.

THEATRICALS FOOTLESS (Color: Caramel or Ballet Pink)

Footless tights are ideal for those who are dancing barefoot, with a clean line at the ankle. These tights are popular for Contemporary dance or Lyrical styles.

THEATRICALS STIRRUP (Color: Caramel or Ballet Pink)

Stirrup tights are another way to allow barefoot dancing, but with an extended leg line. These can also be worn with shoes if preferred, and are often used for Aerobics in a High Gloss style.

2023 Dance Show Shoes and Tights Table:

Show NumberClassShoesTights
Cry of the CeltsTap FTHEATRICALS Tights Color: “Black”
Dance with SomebodyJazz BTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Welcome to the Space JamHip Hop ABlack high tops provided by e-danceTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
I Think I’m Gonna Like it HereBroadway Tap ATHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Music InfernoAdult Cloggingwhite clog shoes, white lacesTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Are You ReadyHip Hop DBlack high tops provided by e-danceTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Revolting ChildrenMusical Theater ATHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Carmel”
Blue Suede ShoesTeen Cloggingwhite clog shoes, white lacesTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
MorningBallet A
Leather, not canvas shoes
Color: “Caramal”
MedellinAdult Adv TapTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel or fishnet”
AnchorLyrical ASee Ms HeatherSee Ms Heather
SnippetsModernSee Ms EmilieSee Ms. Emilie
Can’t Hurry LoveJazz ATHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Freeze FrameTap ATHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Wipe OutBallet ETHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Ballet Pink”
Cold Hearted SnakeAdult TapTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Another One Bites the DustJazz FTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Swan LakeBallet DTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Ballet Pink”
My Own Little CornerBallet BTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Ballet Pink”
BarricadeHip Hop CBlack high top sneakers provided by e-danceTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
POSEAdult Pop Video
Seventy Six TrombonesAdult TapsTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Back to the 90’sHigh School SeniorsSee Ms CamilleSee Ms Camille
Color: “Caramel”
This Will BeJazz CTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Nicest Kids in TownBroadway Tap BTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Strange TidesBallet CTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Ballet Pink”
Midnight WaltzPointe BTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Ballet Pink”
Surfs UpMusical TheaterSee Ms CamilleSee Ms Camille
You Make My Dreams Come TrueTap BTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Mama MiaAdult Broadway TapTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Tale from HungaryPointe ATHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Ballet Pink”
ExperienceBallet FTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Ballet Pink”
Let’s Go CrazyTap CTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
6/10Lyrical BSee Ms HeatherSee Ms Heather
Where Have You BeenAdult Pop VideoSee Mr DannySee Mr Danny
Another Day of SunJazz ETHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Old Skool Hip Hop BBlack high top sneakers provided by e-danceTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Tukoh TakaTap ETHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Bohemian RhapsodyTap FTHEATRICALS Stirrup Tights
Color: “Caramel”
Black & GoldAdult JazzSee Ms JodiSee Ms Jodi
AmericanoJazz DTHEATRICALS Tights
Color: “Caramel”
AltruisticContemporarySee Mr MattSee Mr Matt
CircusProductionSee Ms CamilleSee Ms Camille